Ilias Van Peer

Ilias Van Peer

Coffee. Code. Whiskey.

Hi, I’m Ilias.

At least 26 years ago* I popped into existence. Ever since, I’ve spent a considerable percentage of my time behind various computerscreens, writing (and mostly, let’s face it, debugging) code and browsing the internet.

After spending a couple of years doing mostly PHP/MySQL/jQuery development, I now put quite a bit of effort into writing and maintaining a rather enormous AngularJS app, built on top of the Adobe Experience Manager. Through circumstances, I’ve also become rather adept at administering Jira, Confluence and Stash (now Bitbucket Server), and even writing integration plugins with other systems for them. Last but not least, I enjoy picking up new technologies and playing around with them, trying to stay current with the latest developments in the ever changing landscape of web-development. Like recently, Elm.

For more profoundly professional banter, please continue on LinkedIn.

Oh, and I love coffee.

* At the time of writing, that is.

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